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Datos personales Cillian Murphy
• Nombre real: Cillian Murphy
• Fecha nacimiento: 13/03/1974
• Lugar nacimiento: Douglas, Cork (Irlanda)
• Horoscopo: Piscis
• Sexo: Masculino
• Profesiσn: Actor
• Pagina Web Oficial: Desconocido
• Medidas: Desconocido
• Altura: 1.75
• Peso: 0
• Biografia:
A soft-spoken, fair-skinned actor with startling blue eyes, a penchant for playing volatile characters, and a reluctance to forsake his critically lauded stage career into a life in film, American audiences may best know Irish actor Cillian Murphy as the bike courier making his way through infected London in director Danny Boyle's apocalyptic thriller 28 Days Later. Though the film may have been Murphy's first to find wide stateside exposure, he has been appearing onscreen in the U.K. and his native Ireland since 1997. Born in Douglas, Cork, Ireland, in 1974, Murphy's father was a school inspector and his mother, a French teacher. Attending school at Presentation Brothers College Cork while intending to enter into a career in law, Murphy was an avid rugby player who was turned on to the Concordia Theater's unique stage productions in his fourth year. Murphy soon signed up for a workshop with Concordia's Pat Tiernan and it quickly became apparent that he had a natural flair for the stage. Soon cast as the wildly emotional Pig in Concordia's production of Disco Pigs, Murphy debuted to rave reviews and was soon skipping school to go on tour with the production. Though his acting had initially begun as a hobby and a way to kill time on the weekends, it was quickly taking over his life and a career in law seemed less and less appealing. Though he would attempt to continue his law studies, it was soon obvious to Murphy that his heart just wasn't in it.

Subsequently cast in a series of interesting and complex roles, Murphy made his feature debut in the 1998 film The Tale of Sweety Barrett and quickly followed with the coming-of-age comedy drama Sunburn. Though it was obvious that his stage talents translated well to the silver screen, Murphy still maintained that the rush of theater couldn't be touched by celluloid. The problem in Ireland of suicide and poor mental health among young men prompted Murphy to accept a role in the 2000 drama On the Edge, and his role of a suicidal psychiatric patient proved memorable and affecting. Following How Harry Became a Tree (2001), it was time to adapt Disco Pigs into a feature film, and with director Kirsten Sheridan at the helm, Murphy reprised his role of Pig to enthusiastic results. By the time 28 Days Later rolled around, it seemed that everyone except United States audiences were familiar with the rising star, and with the stateside release of the film in mid-2003, all that was soon to change. Noting that, in his opinion, the best actors alternate frequently between stage and screen, Murphy strived to keep a balance as his growing popularity found his film career taking precedence. Following 2003's Zonad, Murphy began preparation for such features as Intermission and The Girl with the Pearl Earring (both 2003). ~Jason Buchanan

The Conundrum that is Cillian's DOB:
There are a few discrepancies regarding Cillian's age and DOB according to the resources available. An almost unanimous consensus exists among the most reputable and official online sources that he was born in 1974 (IMDb.com, Yahoo! Movies [via All Movie Guide, which is also publishes the lauded All Music Guides], and Extra, among others, concur on this), which makes him 30 and his birthday pre-14 July (as stated in Extra).

USA Today and Jane Magazine, however, state that he is 28 at the time of publication (both in July 2003). In addition, the Irish Independent, being a local newspaper and, one might believe, more intimately tied with Cillian, states that he is 25 on the 23rd of September 2001. Evidently, Cillian's age is not a matter that can be resolved quite as simply as one might think. It is clear, nevertheless, that his birthday does not fall between July and 23 September, and occurs most likely before 14 July. Thus I leave you free to make your own judgments until we hear it straight from the horse's mouth.
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